Friday, June 24, 2011

TLC offtake from Tokaanu and Ohakune Grid Exit Points over winter 2010

For those who like graphs, click on the links to download a full set of daily graphs showing TLC's offtake at the Tokaanu (Turangi area) and Ohakune GXP's for the 1 June through 30 September 2010 period.

The half hour data is extracted from the Electricity Authority's Central Dataset. As noted in my previous post I can't guarantee the data used is correct or that I haven't made errors, so please bear that in mind before using these graphs for anything important. Use at your own risk!

One interesting example is shown below, showing the 23 September for Tokaanu. I believe there was a major outage late in the morning that caused this unusual situation. This meant TLC were load controlling more or less continuously from that point onwards for the next 8 or 9 hours - presumably to minimise the amount of power they needed to redirect to or from an alternative source (National Park or Kurutau perhaps?) until the problem was fixed.

[Added: 26 June] Seems the outage behind this event was more to do with the National Park GXP. See the graph for TLC's offtake from the National Park GXP on the same date below.

Don't know about you but if I was a TLC customer with a demand meter and my peak 3 hour demand came from a completely unexpected and "out of bounds" period of load controlling such as this one in the afternoon then I'd be less than happy. If you want to check, it's easy enough to do now that TLC have (from late May) made individual demand meter customer graphs available on their site. Dig out your ICP code and click here to see your graph!

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