Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Those on the red line, see red!

TLC have created a whole new storm after sending out their most recent pricing letters about a week ago. One particularly significant change is that the new 2012 formulae (now masquerading as "profiles") include a new entry to be applied to accommodation businesses (e.g. motels) and holiday homes. In summary, TLC customers lumped (how exactly?) into this category can expect to have new charges based on a kW load figure that will often be about twice as high as that used a year ago even when their average winter daily consumption is essentially  unchanged. Here's the graph, red is the new profile.

Data for the graph was sourced from TLC's updated online calculators which I found earlier today. On the same pages TLC says that a minimum kW load of 2.5 will apply to those in Ohakune, and 2.2 elsewhere. This will roughly correspond to the point where the red line starts at the bottom left but for now I haven't shown that "little detail". What it means though is that the low usage holiday home owners still have to pay charges every month of the coming year based on a "kW load" of (at least) 2.2 kW - even if they actually used zero power for the whole winter!

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